Crazy Hillary Clinton Blames President Trump and Other Conservatives for the Crisis in Ukraine

The liberal left has lost touch with reality. Their policies are failing Americans. The progressive faction of the Democrat Party has drifted so far left that they’re potentially pushing the party to the edge of extinction.

They have no agenda, and the party has no viable direction. With the collective complicity of the mainstream media and big tech, the buffoon they helped steal the White House is an abject failure. The Democrat Party, especially the radical left, is full of sore losers.

None possess the ability to accept responsibility for their failures. The leader of this band of “blame everybody else” liberals is good old Hillary Clinton herself. Like the rest of her inept batch of liberal clowns, Hillary is always looking for a scapegoat.

Along with the likes of AOC and the rest of her squad, Hillary blames everyone else for everything. It’s racism! It’s the fault of our police! America’s “deplorable” class is often at the heart of their scorn. However, President Donald Trump is the most frequent target.

If, as a result of some cataclysmic scientific phenomenon, the sun didn’t come up tomorrow, it would be “Trump’s fault”. If Hillary and the left can’t logically pin responsibility on President Trump, then another conservative voice must do.

Tucker Carlson is a strong supporter of truth. He is a conservative. Carlson is the most popular Primetime news anchor in the United States. Tucker Carlson pulls no punches. He will frequently say things that the left doesn’t want to hear.

That’s just too bad for them. The biggest headline in the news recently is obvious. Vladimir Putin has launched a vicious attack on Ukraine. Well, like clockwork, Hillary and her liberal buffoons were running around like “Chicken Little”.

Hillary went basically ballistic on “fake news leader MSNBC”. Crooked Hillary lashed out against President Trump, Tucker Carlson, his boss FOX News, and just about any other conservative minded person.

President Trump isn’t even in office. He’s like the left’s “big, bad, boogeyman”. All Carlson did was to ask Americans why they should follow the liberal narrative of hating Vladimir Putin. Carlson was just pointing out some facts.

He’s good at that. President Trump pointed out the baseless sanctions Joe Biden thought would prevent an invasion. President Trump didn’t condone the invasion. But he also appreciated the reality. He simply mused, “I mean, he’s taking over a country for two dollars’ worth of sanctions.”

The former president, who had quieted all of America’s aggressive adversaries, said, “Why wouldn’t he?” Well, Clinton got everything backwards. Of course, that’s how she worked her own international policies, backwards.

Check out the story of how Hillary Clinton handled the Benghazi catastrophe. Take a look at Joe Biden’s amazing history of foreign policy blunders. If Joe Biden’s foreign policy success rate was compared to a baseball player’s batting average, he’d be benched or traded.

Too bad America can’t bench, or better yet, trade “brainless Joe”. But hey, as long as the liberals have President Trump and honest conservative voices like Tucker Carlson, at least they have someone to blame. The problem is, most Americans aren’t buying their line of bull.

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