Cracker Barrel Logo Goes Viral Over Debunked Racism Accusation

I was just talking to my friend about it yesterday. I cannot wait for the cancel culture crap to be done and over with. Because liberals are relentless with this pathetic cry for attention.

I can't understand why everyone wants to be a victim. Be a victor!

But once again, they're attack the restaurant chain Cracker Barrel.

Long considered a place for families to get together over a wholesome meal in a rustic environment and with an attached gift shop filled with old-timey knick-knacks and memorabilia, it's no wonder that it's become a source of leftist ire.

What is the cause of anger, you may ask? It seems that the woke crowd has decided the name, "Cracker Barrel", reeks of racism. According to tweeted allegations, the name comes from the slang term "cracker", which is what blacks called slave owners, who cracked a whip. In fact, the Twitter-verse is now claiming that the "R" and "K" in the name look like a whip!

What the SJW fail to consider is the origin story on the company's own website. Here, the founder, Dan Evins, explains that the name comes from a staple of old country stores that he visited in his childhood. At that time, barrels were used to transport crackers. People who visited the store would often stand around these barrels chatting. Thus the name and the logo, which shows an older gentleman leaning on one of these "cracker barrels", relaxed and waiting to chat.

Cracker Barrell released a statement as well:

The logo of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store does not depict and has never depicted a whip. The part of the logo being referenced in social media posts is a flourish, which is used in the calligraphy of the logos of many brands.

Cracker Barrel rejects racism and discrimination in any form. When associations are made between our company and these ideas, it is deeply upsetting because it contrasts so sharply with our values and our team’s work to create a culture of hospitality that’s welcoming, respectful and inclusive to everyone who walks through our doors.

In addition to maligning the name of the store, the cancel culture has taken offense at the food served by the chain. Apparently, it is "white food".

What these nitwits fail to realize is that many of the items on a Cracker Barrel menu, such as collard greens, biscuits, and grits, were Southern country staples that are also eaten in many black homes throughout the South.

Once again, the wokesters strike out in their criticism of an American icon.

Photo Credit: Eli Christmas

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