COVID CONUNDRUM: How is Delta Spreading If We Don't Have Direct Test?

I'm no virologist or a scientist, and I certainly never played one on TV.

That doens't mean that I don't know anything about virology or anything scientific. I'm a firm believer that people don't need degrees in certain fields to know something about them, especially in today's world where you can learn practically anything on YouTube.

I say that because one of my pet peeves is when people assume that just because you're not an expert in something means you don't know something about it at all.

I'm not a professional poker player, but I've won several tournaments in my life. I'm not a professional chess player, but I've beaten people better than myself. I'm not a biblical scholar with a degree, but I did attend seminary and have a strong understanding of the bible as well as the other ancient Near East civilizations of that time.

But let me ask a question regarding the virus and specifically the Delta variant.

We've learned recently that the PCR tests shouldn't really be deemed as credible ways of detecting COVID because it can't differentiate between COVID and the flu.

But it goes deeper. How is it that we can even test for the Delta variant at all when we don't have a test for it?

MSN reported,

Although there are no direct Delta variant tests, PCR tests that are positive for SARS-CoV-2 can undergo genetic analysis such as ‘genomic sequencing’ which tells us if it is the Delta (or another) variant. This means it is possible to accurately identify if someone is unwell with the Delta variant of Covid-19.

So it is possible to test for the Delta variant if they really want to go through the labor of doing so, but there is no way that they can test you and tell you on the spot if you have the Delta variant because there is no direct test to do so.

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