COVID-19 Vaccine Faces Shortages In Supplies, This One In Particular May SHOCK You

Not only do we need to quickly come up with a successful and safe to use vaccine for the coronavirus we need materials to store it for use.

We have had a glass shortage before the pandemic lurked on US soil. So that's going to be a problem when we need to quickly get millions of vaccines ready for use in such a short time. Not only that but we need to find the correct toppers that won't mess with the chemicals in the vaccine. These are only a few issues with getting the vaccine out in about 9 months time.

According to Politico: 

Glass shortages are already on the U.S. government's radar, according to ousted Bright’s 60-plus page whistleblower complaint against the administration. Bright alleges he warned of a looming global shortage of glass vials but administration officials did not heed his advice. He wrote that major glass producers have warned that a particular material, borosilicate tubing, is sold out and it could take up to two years to meet the U.S. vaccine need alone.

Some manufacturers are already preparing for this potential crunch: Moderna is exploring both single-use vials and those that can hold multiple vaccine doses, according to its regulatory filings. Neither Moderna nor Johnson & Johnson immediately responded to requests for comment.

A shortage of vials could interfere not just with the availability of a coronavirus vaccine but a range of other medicines, including sedatives and other drugs administered in hospitals. Government efforts to avert shortages would have to begin soon if they involve enlisting more manufacturers.

“Not all glass is the same,” said Sklamberg. “A manufacturer making champagne glasses can’t just switch to making medical vials.”

The coming manufacturing push for vaccines and related supplies could eclipse the scramble for masks, ventilators and tests. “We have the capacity to do this," Sklamberg said. "It’s just a lot of moving parts, organization and resources."

The coronavirus vaccine needs to go through trials, tests, FDA regulations, and many more steps before it will be safe to use. Because of the nature of our world though, it will be put on the fast track to quickly have it available.

The FDA said they will not skip steps and see how it will all play out, they want to make sure that it is safe.

Many vaccines take years to go through the many tests before getting the seal of approval and still have issues with them later on. Much like the HPV vaccine, it caused issues in many people killing some healthy teenagers or damaging their bodies. As for that, I will not be first in line to get it. I will let it play itself out before I even consider it.

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