COVID- 19 Cases Spike Making Shoppers Panic Buy and leaving Empty shelves Across The U.S. Again

Shoppers are loading up on toilet paper and cleaning supplies once again, leaving empty shelves in areas across the United States that were hit hard by the rising coronavirus infections.

Walmart Officials said Tuesday that supply chains have not kept up with rising demand, and these goods have been harder to stock consistently in locations with sharp spikes in new virus cases. More than 100,000 daily infections have been recorded for two weeks straight, and on Monday reported more than 166,000 new cases.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon called it "disappointing" to see "as many out-of-stocks as we have in consumables right now generally," although he said the situation had improved since the spring. "It feels to me like we'll work through this period of time better than we did in the first wave," McMillon said.

Walmart has not implemented a storewide policy on purchase limits for customers. But store managers have the authority to "implement item limits based on their specific store experience to help sustain product availability," said Delia Garcia, spokesperson for Walmart.

According to DailyMail

Toilet paper, disinfectant and groceries are once again flying off the shelves across the United States with states forced to impose stricter lockdowns and the number of new COVID-19 cases spiking to 166,000 Monday.

Pictures taken in recent days show stores in Washington, California, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Michigan and Missouri have all been affected by the rush.  It is the second time this year that shoppers appear to be panic buying; stores were left scrambling to restock shelves wiped out in response to COVID-19 back in March.

But experts say the run is likely to be less severe this time as stores and shoppers are more prepared.  Subodha Kumar, a supply chain expert at Temple University, told The Daily Beast: 'People have already hoarded a lot of this stuff in their basements.'


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