Couple Makes Disturbing Discovery That Will Deter You From Buying Used Furniture Ever Again!

I've got to admit that I've purchased furniture second-hand before.

When my wife and I were younger and living in an apartment, we didn't have a lot of money and we were able to locate some furniture at a reasonable price that seemed to be in good condition.

It actually was in good condition and we purchased it and had not problems at all with it. But apparently that's not always the case with some people.

A couple in Ireland made such a shocking and disturbing discovery that it will make your stomach turn and maybe just change you mind about ever buying used furniture ever again.

The couple was shocked to find that under the cushions of this new sofa, were thousands of human fingernails.


Here is what the buyer, Jess Taylor said about the situation on social media:

Recently my sofa broke and I was not in a position to buy a brand new
one. I also knew buying a new one would lead to a lot of stress with
two dogs bounding about the house, I'd be so protective of it.
This leads me looking for a 2nd hand sofa. I found a decent looking
set, smoke and pet free home, once they arrived they did not smell or
give me any reason to turn my nose up. Phew, that worked out!
UNTIL.... Tonight my partner was doing the daily 'where's the remote,
you have it routine. (I didn't have it). The remote was down the side of
the sofa, when sticking his hand down to grab it. *take a breath and
sit down if you have got this far*.. he felt a load of yuck.. he pulled out
said yuck and it was a hand full of sweetie wrappers AND FINGER
NAILS. Upon inspection and multiple gags later we retrieved not
hundreds but THOUSANDS OF FINGER NAILS of varying sizes. don't
know the rate of nail growth this person has but they must have been
on some kind of growth supplements, or had about 10 extra
hands/feet. We then hoovered out the remaining nails, it sounded like
uncooked rice being hoovered up. My goodness have never been
S0000 disgusted in my entire life.
I would have uploaded a picture but it will be in violation of almost
every law on this planet.
TIP - check your 2nd stuff thoroughly! learnt the hard way!

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