Corrupt Biden Family Scheme Continues to Unravel, When Will “The Big Guy” Fall?

The New York Post broke the Hunter Biden laptop story weeks before the 2020 presidential election. It was buried. Social media accounts were blocked from even sharing the story directly with friends. When the story was brought up on the campaign trail, Joe Biden denied it.

Liberals went so far as to fabricate a massive cover-up. More than four dozen corrupted former officials pronounced the Hunter Biden laptop story to be nothing but Russian propaganda. It was not. The laptop from hell is real, and the evidence is damning for the entire Biden family.

Now, after denouncing it as bogus, these same corrupt mainstream media outlets are carrying the story. There are still attempts to dilute the story or diminish the role Joe Biden played in the crooked schemes of his son. But this is a clear indication something is about to happen.

It’s not working. The American people aren’t buying Biden’s canned cacophony of denials. Deleted emails have been extracted from the laptop’s hard drive, which exposes even deeper corruption. The knot tying Joe Biden to every scheme is becoming tighter.

There is now evidence that Joe Biden held meetings with Hunter’s foreign business partners. These meetings happened more than once. While he was vice president, Joe Biden met with these individuals multiple times.

This totally contradicts Joe Biden’s bogus claim that he knew nothing about Hunter Biden’s business dealings. He was lying and continues to lie. Biden also said his son did nothing illegal. That is turning out to be an even bigger lie.

Not only did Joe Biden know that what his son was doing was illegal, he was in on every scam. Since he was referenced as “the big guy”, some believe Joe Biden actually orchestrated many of these corrupt deals.

There is evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop that proves he and his father had shared bank accounts, helping to commingle funds. There are bank records of millions of dollars in direct wires to Hunter and Jim Biden as well.

These payments were made during the final years of Joe Biden’s vice presidency. There was a collective scheme to use the Biden name to promote various interests of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

These crooked business deals spread the CCP’s tentacles into Oman, Luxembourg, Romania, the Middle East, and Asia. The Biden family is a stooge for communism. They have helped manipulate U.S. policy to further the influence of the CCP.

What Hunter Biden and the rest of the Biden family have done amounts to nothing less than treason. The federal probe into Hunter Biden’s crooked business schemes is now asking that huge question. Who is the “big guy?”

In multiple interviews, former business associate Tony Bobulinski said he knew emphatically who the big guy was. The big guy is Joe Biden. Joe Biden is the ringleader of this global scam. Hunter Biden is too stupid to ever pull this off by himself.

Despite a growing mound of evidence, the White House continues to deny everything. The Biden administration continues to insist that Hunter didn’t receive a penny from China. Biden keeps saying that he knew nothing about Hunter’s overseas business deals.

Joe Biden is lying. Hunter Biden is lying. Jim Biden is lying. There is growing skepticism that they will all be able to keep their stories aligned. Will Hunter or Jim become a scapegoat to save “the big guy?” Regardless, this story is seeping its way into the Oval Office.

It is becoming harder for Joe Biden to shed the stench of his family’s crooked schemes. Democrat Party consultants are growing increasingly more nervous about this story. Consultant Doug Schoen wrote an article for The Hill that clearly expressed this burgeoning concern.

Schoen wrote, “If Joe Biden is found to have profited from Hunter’s business deals or used his position as vice president to benefit the family, what is now likely a red wave election could turn into a massive blowout that is more substantial than anything seen in recent history.”

The Hunter Biden laptop revelations have uncovered the biggest political scandal in U.S. history. It supplants everything else. Even the botched Watergate fiasco by the Richard Nixon administration pales in comparison.

What the corrupt Biden family schemes have done is far worse. The Biden family has sacrificed U.S. international relations and placed us at risk, all for profit. They have compromised our country’s national security on a scale never seen before. The entire family needs to go to jail.

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