Cop Arrested After Shooting Teen Eating Hamburger in Parking Lot

The job of a police officer in America is tough. These committed public employees put their lives in danger every day to protect and serve. The unpredictable actions of potentially deadly criminals present a challenge for officers. Because of this, police forces adhere to stringent procedures for any kind of interaction.

But when police disregard these procedures, bad things take place. It appears that one young man is now on life support as a result of that. In a McDonald's parking lot, Erik Cantu was sitting in his vehicle with a passenger.

Cantu was eating a hamburger when o fficer James Brennard of the San Antonio Police Department was responding to a separate incident. But when he saw Cantu's car, he thought it fit the description of a similar car that had deliberately evaded him the day before.

Officer Brennard was inexperienced. He had been a member of the San Antonio Police Force for less than one year. He should still be aware of the departmental guidelines for approaching a vehicle by himself. Brennard made the decision to go against that departmental policy.

Before backup could arrive, Brennard walked up to Cantu’s car. Cantu suddenly opened the driver’s side door. The officer ordered Cantu to get out of the car. Instead, he attempted to flee. Cantu slammed the car in reverse and struck Brennard with the open door.

Brennard opened fire. That’s where an unfortunate chain of events turned tragic. Other San Antonio officers arrive. They found Cantu’s car a short distance away. Cantu was wounded, but the passenger was unharmed. Cantu is now on life support. Brennard has been fired.

He has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault by a public servant. The Cantu family attorney spoke to FOX News. Despite reports that Cantu was doing well, he is not. He is on life support. The family says his condition is “still touch-and-go.” They’re requesting continued prayers.

The most important question is whether this young man will live. However, this bizarre case has presented more puzzling questions. Why did suddenly Cantu try to drive off? Not attempting to flee should be rule number one when being approached by law enforcement.

Nonetheless, why did Brennard violate departmental protocol? In lieu of some startling new evidence, it appears this officer overreacted. But why did he feel it necessary to open fire? There are thousands of good police officers. Sometimes they react in overzealous haste. Is this, sadly, one of those times?

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