Conspiracy Theorist Kills Own Children After Believing Bizarre Theory

I'm not sure what drives certain folks to think the way they do. It's a mystery to me why some people are unable to distinguish between fact and fiction.

This is something that I'm having a hard time processing. And this article is a perfect illustration of one of those instances.

A father accused of being a conspiracy theorist used a spearfishing gun to kill his own children. But the rationale for his actions is extremely strange.

He killed them because they inherited his wife's "serpent DNA". I'm not sure why he didn't also kill her. Maybe he just wasn't able to, but thankfully she's still alive though she has to live the rest of her life without her two children because of her delusional ex-husband.

The thing is, he now realizes that he was delusion. He stated, "I was deceived. I was deceiving myself. I know now that the [serpent] DNA thing was a delusion in my own mind. I made myself believe something that wasn't there.

So, apparently he believed the idea of lizard people, which to be quite honest, I've always heard about this, but I never thought anyone really took it seriously. Unfortunately, I was wrong. From what I can gather, he believed that his wife was a lizard person and that his children inherited that DNA from her and so there were lizard people, too.

I don't actually know the motivation behind the killings though. Was it to prevent them from taking over the world? Was it just the fact that he doesn't like lizard people? I really don't know.

But no matter how to look at it, it's a sad and unfortunate situation. People say that you can't just a book by it's cover, but I think you can sometimes. And to be quite honest, they look like a normal family and by mere appearance I wouldn't think that he was a nutjob. But perhaps if I knew him and had spoken with him personally, I would have thought differently.

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