CONFIRMED! Gavin Newsom Breaks State Law and Pretends Nothing Happened

Call me a prophet, or call me genius, or just call me someone who knows how Democrats work.

Last week, it was reported that California Governor Gavin Newsom took a vacation to Montana which is one of the states that was recently put on a band for state-funded travel because of his liberal ideology.

I asked the question, did the governor's trip use any taxpayer money, even for the most essential security? We now know the answer to that question. Taxpayers indeed foot the bill for Gavin Newsom's hypocritical vacation.

The development, buried in a Thursday New York Times article about President Biden, could at least be a violation of the spirit of California Assembly Bill 1887, which Newsom’s predecessor, Jerry Brown, signed into law in 2016 to ensure state funds don’t help the economies of an ever-growing list of states whose laws California deems discriminatory.

“His kids are visiting their grandparents for his daughter’s birthday, as they do every year,” Newsom’s spokesman, Anthony York, told the Times. “On the security side, the law explicitly states there is an exemption for public safety, and the governor has to travel with security.”

This is just playing dumb and giving an explanation that only proves the point. That he's using taxpayer money to travel to a "banned" state.

York later tweeted stating that Newsom's travel is not being paid by the state? Really, prove it. Let's see who is paying it, because from where I stand, it looks like California taxpayers are paying it.

How ridiculous is it in the first place that we're paying for politicians' vacations? No job that I've ever had has given me extra money to go on vacation. That has always come out of my own money. However, for some strange reason, politicians get free vacations at our expense. The system is broken when this is happening, but we all know that the system is irreparably broken.

Newsom broke his own state's law, but he'll get away with it. We the people can't get away with things like that. Instead, we get fined thousands of dollars. But Newsom is above the law.

Daily Wire

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