CONFIRMATION: Dominion is Destroying Evidence of Fraud on Voting Machines

We received confirmation last week about something that we've been very curious, and honestly suspicious of for some time now.

What I'm speaking of is happening in several states and I think that it is really to be expected of liberals at this point.

They're actually destroying evidence of fraud in the November election. It only makes sense for them to do so honestly, because if they don't they'll get caught and they'll be in the biggest trouble of their lives.

Just think about it this way you've heard the phrase "no body no murder" or "no body no crime" and that is true to a degree. If you cannot prove that somebody is dead then you can't charge someone with murder because they could be alive somewhere they could be held hostage somewhere.

The same goes with the election. If we can't get the exact right evidence to prove who did what and if it was actually done this is an even though we have a large amount of suspicious activity it's not sufficient evidence to prove an actual crime.

During Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium last week, it was revealed that the actual voting machine companies have been deleting the evidence of their wrongdoing. This has happened in at least, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Stefanie Lambert Esq said,

“I’ve been working closely with Matt DePerno and with other attorneys and experts like I said. And we’ve obtained a lot of evidence. In fact, there’s going to be a lawsuit filed in the very near future against Election Source which is a contractor to Dominion. Matt Deperno sent a cease and desist letter to Election Source today because there was a letter sent out by Election Source to all of the clerks in Michigan stating that they’re coming to do preventative updates regarding removing a battery in most of the election equipment which is problematic because this would erase data [on those machines]. That’s one piece of what’s happening with Election Source.”

This was also confirmed by Mark Finchem:

Mesa County Colorado Recorder confirmed active erasure of evidence from Dominion systems, but by Dominion not her office. The County Recorder made a forensic copy because she believed that something nefarious was about to happen at the hands of the Colorado Secretary of State. That’s right, proof beyond PCAP, there was forensic evidence that was actively erased, which is a violation by Dominion and the Colorado Secretary of State.

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