Concentration Camps Down Under - Australian Military Moving People to "Quarantine Camps"

If I've ever seen one thing that is extremely familiar to what Nazi Germany did, it's what we're seeing in Australia.

It's hard for me to believe in some ways, but Australia has been one of the most oppressive nations in the world when it comes to COVID. And for what? A less than 1% infection rate and a less than 1% death rate among those who contract the virus.

It's ridiculous how hook, line, and sinker so many people have bought into the fearmongering.

I don't mean that to seem like I'm downplaying the virus. It's not fun and I nearly lost a very good friend and I know others who just still haven't recovered completely weeks, and months after being sick.

This is something that is unlike anything we've ever seen and as a result, across the country, we're seeing tyranny unlike anything that we've ever seen in our lifetimes.

For some countries, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they really do want to try and preserve the well-being of people. For other nations, I don't think that this is the case. I think it's an excuse for them to flex their power. We know this for a fact when we see them violating their own mandates as we do with so many Democrats.

The Australian government has now announced that they are moving to relocate Australians who live in the Northern Territory who are positive with COVID-19 to "quarantine camps". Back in my day, we called them concentration camps, but that name brings negative connotations along with it nowadays.

Not only that, but those who are deemed as their close contacts are also being sent to these camps as well.

Again, this is all because of 200,000 cases since the beginning of 2020, and less than 2,000 deaths. Most people have only mild symptoms and don't need any hospitalization or much to help them get over the virus, so they can't make the argument that this is for their own good. Instead, it causes undue stress which can make things worse.

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