Common Vaccine Found To Offer Protection From Covid-19

So there's some great news. At least for a few of us.

Preliminary research has found that a common vaccine for some countries (or if you have traveled) may offer significant protection from Covid-19. The vaccine is called the BCG Vaccine or the Bacillus Calmette–Guérin vaccine.

Heres some more information below:

More from Fast Company:

  • What’s the vaccine? The Bacillus Calmette–Guérin vaccine, which prevents tuberculosis, has been around for a century. It boosts the body’s immune system, and has been associated with reduced risk of a variety of bacterial, parasitic, and viral infections.
  • Why the optimism? preliminary study shows that countries with universal BCG vaccinations, such as Japan and South Korea, have infection and disease rates of COVID-19 as much as 100-fold lower than countries without universal vaccination policies, such as Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States. The elderly, who were vaccinated decades ago, may particularly benefit.
  • What don’t we know? Correlation or causality. We don’t know why the infection rates differ. For example, it is possible that the differing infection rates are because of different mask-wearing and social distancing behaviors. (The term for this is “ecological fallacy.”) There is also no information on developing countries, which were not included due to less reliable COVID-19 counts.
  • Have I been vaccinated? If you were born outside of the U.S. or previously traveled to developing countries and received vaccinations beforehand, possibly. This Wiki page has a partial list of country practices under “Usage.” Many countries have altered their policies over time.
  • When will we know the answer? It is complicated. Studies just started in a half dozen countries, including the Netherlands, Australia, and the U.S., administering the vaccine to thousands of healthcare workers. Those results will be available in 3-4 months. However, fresh vaccinations may have differing effects than vaccinations administered decades ago.

I've never traveled outside of the country (yet) and most definitely have never heard of this vaccine. However, we do need some light at the end of this tunnel right? It also explains why Japan hasn't been struck so hard by this Covid-19 virus.

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gary vogt

I know an English teacher (just returned this week stateside) from S Korea and the province she was in had zero cases of CV19.


‘Covid 19’ is a Chinese Lab-Created Virus, designed to do exactly what it’s doing! China cares not at all, how many disposable Chinks die, as long as they are not in the ruling elite! The Chink Ruling Elite have a Vaccine! Rely on that!


If you were born in Germany before 1999, then you most likely had that vaccine


Got lots of shots in the Navy many years ago so maybe it and my already crazy strong immune system will keep me safe.

Big Ed

Oh,wow! Another medicine the leftists are going to have to start tearing down. It just won’t do to have any kind of effective medicine making the rounds-got to have more deaths by November 3, you know. I’ve heard of hundreds of people being cured of COVID-19 by the drug HCQ and have heard first hand testimony from several (including a Democrat politician from Michigan), but, of course it can’t be used in blue states because the governors won’t allow it (I think their goals are different than those of the rest of us. They want as many people to die… Read more »