Colorado Mom Uncovers Secret LGBTQ+ Group at Her Daughter’s Middle School

Gender identity questions in school-aged youngsters are understandable. I don't think it's quite what you think it may be. For example, my son has never questioned whether or not he's a girl or anything, but he has questions about girls and boys like most kids do. However, lying and sneaking behind parents' backs are not acceptable. This is becoming an increasingly alarming problem across the country. It appears that this is what occurred at a Colorado middle school.

This is yet another example of liberal leftists attempting to undermine the authority of parents over their children's life. A hidden society was uncovered by the mother of a Wellington Middle School student in Wellington, Colorado.

The club was named “Genders & Sexualities Alliance”, or the GSA club. It is a private group where students are supposedly taught about LGBTQ-related issues. That’s not necessarily where the problem resides.

What troubled this mother was that the young students were instructed to keep all conversations confidential. This included sharing anything about the group with parents. This is clearly another clandestine effort to indoctrinate children unbeknownst to their parents.

An art teacher at Wellington invited the daughter to the GSA club. At some level, this could clearly be construed as recruitment. Again, if parents are consulted and there’s a mutual agreement to discuss such gender issues, fine.

But to sneak behind parents’ backs is at the heart of the problem. Parents are tired of school officials and teachers trying to indoctrinate their children. Parents are pushing back. But the radical left is trying to squash parents’ rights and free speech.

Many parents have taken to school board meetings to protest. It triggered an alarming response by the U.S. Department of Justice. Back in October, the DOJ announced that it would begin to view parents speaking their minds at school board meetings as potential domestic terrorists.

Attorney General Merrick Garland denied under oath that the DOJ would apply threat tags to parents. He lied. New information has revealed that no less than two dozen parents across the country have generated a terrorist threat tag.

Garland swore that the Patriot Act would not be used against parents, but this evidence says otherwise. It is the liberals’ strategy to silence free speech. The radical left also wants to take over the minds of children.

They must accomplish this inside the child’s educational environment. However, parents are pushing back. This secret LGBTQ+ group in Colorado is proof of their sneaky and deceitful tactics. This mom pulled her child out of Wellington and sent her to a private school.

She says her daughter is doing far better now. However, not every parent can afford to place their children in a different school. What can these parents do to stop this abuse of a child’s mind? It’s even more difficult when our own DOJ targets them as terrorists if they speak out.

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