Colorado Has Developed a Fool Proof Method for Winning Elections

In the state of Colorado, there were two elections with highly improbable results, and the RINOs were victorious in each of them. Surprise, surprise. One of these races is Tina Peters, and I may go into more depth on her in a future article.

The second contender is Lynda Zamora Wilson, who competed against the moderate Republican Paul Lundeen for District 9 in the state. Lynda Zamora Wilson is a popular candidate who ran for that seat.

During the assembly of the Colorado State Republican Party in April, Lynda Zamora Wilson won a greater number of votes than Lundeen did. Wilson reportedly received 52 percent of the vote, while Lundeen received 48 percent of the vote, as reported by the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle.

The race was called by Fox News, and they predicted that Wilson would win handily:


But once everything was said and done, they decided that Ludeen was the true winner. Take a look at the final tally of votes:


How did Wilson go from being the winner to the loser? Take note that they went in the complete opposite direction with the votes. There has been no attempt to explain why the votes suddenly shifted away from one candidate and toward another.

Colorado Politics reported,

Political newcomer and retired Air Force Lt. Col. Lynda Zamora Wilson is taking on the district’s incumbent and a GOP leader, Minority Whip Sen. Paul Lundeen, R-Monument.

This is the first time Lundeen — who is a favorite to become Senate president if Republicans flip the chamber — has faced a primary challenge during his nearly eight-year career in the Colorado legislature. Lundeen ran unopposed in the Republican primaries for the 2014 and 2016 House elections, as well as in his most recent 2018 Senate election.

There really seem to be two possibilities as far as an explanation for this.

  1. They purposely switched the results so their preferred candidate would win.
  2. The early set of results were not accurate and should have never been awarded to Wilson.

If they can't tally votes right, they don't need to be in the business of doing so. This isn't a game. This is real life and there are WAY too many mess ups going on during elections for us to have any confidence in them.

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