Sesame Street Gets Into the Propaganda Business

Joe Biden’s hideous efforts to shame adults into getting a COVID vаccination are bad enough. However, Biden’s comrades at fake news CNN have taken this shameful strategy to an unprecedented level. This company has zero concept of journalistic integrity.

The kings of media corruption, CNN, have teamed up with a beloved children’s show to peddle Biden’s vаccine propaganda to young kids. It’s not only distasteful, it’s repulsive. But the collective effort by CNN and Sesame Street to brainwash children means much more.

The targeting of children 5 to 11 years old is purposeful. There is little difference between this invasion of parental responsibility than the fight going on in our school systems. CNN and Sesame Street are clearly nothing more than bullhorns for Biden.

There is zero scientific evidence that these shots are necessary for young kids. In addition, the amount of data to determine life-altering side effects is virtually non-existent. This vаccine may help keep people with compromising conditions safer. But what is going to happen in 10 years?

For all their good intentions, these COVID vаccinations are still experiments. Not a single medical professional can say, with a straight face, that they truthfully know what the future might hold. To haphazardly jab our children in the arm with such a medicine is wrong.

Furthermore, this propaganda strategy being exercised by liberals is creepy. Crooked New York Mayor, Bill deBlasio, is offering children $100 to get the shot. Chicago Mayor, “Liberal Lori” Lightfoot, is giving school systems a whole day off to get vаccinated.

Now this radical brainwashing machine is targeting children through fictional characters they cherish. Again, it’s more than just wrong. It’s downright weird. Creepy Bill’s trying to lure children to ask to get vаccinated with a holiday push.

“We all could use a little more cash around the holidays”, bemoaned de Blasio. Ads posted by Big Pharma, reaping COVID financial benefits, touts children who get the vаccine as superheroes. Cash payments, Big Bird, vаccination vacations, something smells here?

This manipulation of little minds is disgusting. But the reason behind the strategy means a lot more than just some perfectly targeted propaganda to entice children to get a shot. It’s an end-around maneuver to circumvent a parent’s right to choose what is best for their children.

Bureaucrats have bellowed from podiums that parents have no right to question what their kids are being taught in school. Now, these same parents are being told that they have no right to question medicines being governmentally mаndated for their children.

Liberal San Francisco is already contemplating a city-wide vаccine mаndate for everyone 5-years-old and up. This whole vаccine mаndate debate is racing towards a bad ending. It’s not about the safety of these children. It’s about teaching children to do what the government says.

Furthermore, the science proves completely otherwise. Children do not readily contract COVID, and they do not easily spread the virus. This is about power and control over both children and their parents. CNN and Sesame Street should be ashamed.

However, we doubt they have enough integrity to appreciate the meaning of the word. Using Big Bird and Elmo to seduce kids into getting a shot is sinister. Maybe CNN should team up with “Underdog’s” old nemesis. At least Dr. Simon Bar Sinister would accurately portray the evil purpose behind this propaganda.

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