Clown Chris Cuomo Trashed After He Announces His New Prime Time Gig

The majority of people have the common sense to recognize when their actions have been disgraceful. But obviously arrogant narcissists like former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo are an exception to that rule. Cuomo is a pathological liar.

He originally came under fire for making up a false "COVID quarantine" narrative. Cuomo bragged about how committed he was to remaining confined to his basement. Cuomo was found to be a brash liar when the facts came to light.

However, that wasn't what eventually doomed the once popular show host.  It later came to light that Cuomo had compromised his journalistic integrity by assisting his corrupt New York brother who happened to be governor in defaming sexual harassment accusers.

This total disregard for his journalistic responsibilities was even too much for “fake news” CNN. The muscle-headed media darling was canned. CNN fired Chris Cuomo. But some still believe that the failing news source knew what Cuomo was doing all along.

Some may have hoped they’d seen the last of Chris Cuomo. Oh, but not so fast. Like the proverbial “bad penny”, the narcissistic blowhard has tricked liberal media outlet NewsNation minto giving him a gig. Cuomo will begin a prime-time show beginning this fall.

NewsNation must be desperate. Chris Cuomo certainly is. The new news source expected close to 100,000 viewers. They reported scraping up only 27,000 in April 2020. In comparison, FOX News had 2.2 million viewers during the same 30-day span.

However, NewsNation held on by their fingernails. In January 2021, the station was viewed as “moderately biased.” They scored in the middle category for on-air political bias. Nevertheless, the true direction of NewsNation was slowly revealed.

NewsNation was going to be another do-boy for the corrupt, liberal-controlled mainstream media. They tried to hire former FOX News executive Bill Shine to gloss over their intentions. It worked for one day, but ratings continued to plummet.

The hiring of Chris Cuomo for a prime-time slot cements the station as just another puppet for the progressive left. Certainly, NewsNation thinks Cuomo will be their ticket to an improved audience share. If the online comments are any indication, the marriage will not be a happy one.

FOX News’ Dagen McDowell said, “I missed Chris Cuomo like I miss the shingles.” Brent Bozell from the Media Research Center blasted the hiring. Bozell said, “NewsNation lost any credibility they had by hiring Chris Cuomo.”

Whistleblower Lindsey Boylan’s comments were equally harsh. Boylan slammed NewsNation, saying, “the kind of professional journalism and ethics for which Dan Abrams and NewsNation are known. Wonder if the five people who watch NewsNation are happy!”

NewsNation has also ignored the trove of sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo himself. It sounds to us as if the muscle-headed, steroid-popping narcissist isn’t going to blow the socks off of the prime-time news ratings.

In fact, if this backlash is accurate, Chris Cuomo will fade off into the sunset again. Maybe he’ll just crawl back down into his basement and pump a couple of bench press sets for show. What a clown!

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