City Almost Poisons Its Own Water Supply After Chemical Labeling Mix-Up

A very close call happened in New Baltimore, Michigan after a mix-up that could have resulted in one of the most catastrophe circumstances in modern times.

The city of New Baltimore narrowly avoided disaster after a chemical mix-up at a water treatment facility.

As you all know, fluoride is added to our water supply. I'm not going to get into the conspiracy theory side of things regarding this or anything, I'm just stating the fact that they do it.

Instead of fluoride, gallons upon gallons of sulfuric acid were nearly dumping into the water supply after four 55-gallon drums were mislabeled from the company that distributes the chemicals.

This much sulfuric acid could absolutely be deadly.

The problem was noticed at New Baltimore’s water treatment plant before it entered the water supply. But those in charge of the city’s water say this had the potential to be catastrophic.

The water for the 14,000 people of New Baltimore is treated at this plant. Chemicals like fluoride are added to the water to promote good teeth health – but on July 11th a disaster was averted.

“There are some mistakes that are not allowed to happen and this is a mistake they are not allowed to make,” said Chris Hiltunen, superintendent of the water treatment plant.

For years the Detroit company PVS Chemicals supplied New Baltimore and other cities with blue 55-gallon drums of chemicals to mix into the water.

At the treatment plant, the fluoride is mixed into a day tank before being fed into the water supply. That was supposed to happen that Sunday in July.

“It was the most aggressive thing I had ever seen chemical-wise,” he said.

The company said that the mix up could have happened because of "understaffing due to COVID" but that's no excuse for something like this. I think that there needs to be another step added in this process. Before chemicals are added, they need to segregate them and have them tested to verify that they are what they say they are before using.

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