China Sends Military Aircraft and Warships to Taiwan After Seeing US's Handling of Afghanistan

The debacle in Afghanistan has left many American leaders navel-gazing while the military of China lines up against Taiwan.

This is the moment that they have been waiting for. If the U.S. isn't going to do anything about the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, they're surely not going to do anything about China finishing up the job of taking over Taiwan.

The Global Times reported,

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on Tuesday launched joint live-fire assault drills in multiple locations near the island of Taiwan in response to recent collusion and provocations by the US and Taiwan secessionists.

The PLA Eastern Theater Command on Tuesday dispatched warships, anti-submarine warfare aircraft and fighter jets in surrounding maritime and aerial areas near the southwest and southeast of the island of Taiwan for military exercises including joint live-fire assaults, and also for testing the command troops’ integrated joint operation capabilities, Senior Colonel Shi Yi, spokesperson of the command, announced on the same day.

Recently, the US and Taiwan authorities have been frequently colluding and making provocations, sending wrong signals that severely violates China’s sovereignty and seriously damage peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits. They have become the biggest source of security risk in the region, Shi said.

The exercises are a necessary action taken based on the current security situation in the Taiwan Straits and the need to safeguard national sovereignty, and are a solemn response to the foreign interferences and the provocations by “Taiwan independence” forces, the spokesperson said.

Steve Bannon warned that this may actually cause our economy to implode if indeed Taiwan falls to the CCP.

"The major message with all of the disasters is Silicon Valley West. And if you think we don’t have a moral obligation for Taiwan leave that aside for a minute. The practical considerations. Silicon Valley West, the entire American economy centers around the chips, and in particular the advanced chips designed, made, and manufactured in Taiwan. It is something we have to hold. If we don’t hold it we don’t have an economy. The economy will implode."

Shortages of computer chips are already pushing up prices on a lot of American goods and are delaying deliveries on many other products. By threatening Taiwan, China is preparing to freeze the American economy more severely than they did with the COVID pandemic.

It's almost as if they were priming the pump with the virus before hitting the kill switch and shutting down our access to computer chips.

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