China Brags About Controlling These Two MAJOR Groups in the US, This Affects Everything

Why are we still dealing with China?

The relationship that President Trump had with China was a strong one and an unpleasant one for the President of China. But why was it unpleasant? It's because President Trump had our interests in mind and was trying to stop China from controlling us.

Now the senile old man is in the White House and he is letting China bend America over.

The Chinese Communist Party bragged recently about its ability to influence public affairs in free nations.

Reportedly, the Communist Cyberspace Administration of China asserts it affects governmental decisions in both the United States and Europe. The Communist Party reportedly maintains close ties to the Berggruen Institute, a body that helped co-found the Transition Integrity Project.

Some of the Chinese Communist organizations reportedly listed as "partners" of the Berggruen Institute include

  • The Chinese Academy of Sciences;
  • The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences;
  • The Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence;
  • The China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy;
  • The Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence.

In mid-2020, The National Pulse exclusively reported on the involvement of the Berggruen Institute in an explicitly anti-Trump exercise known as the Transition Integrity Project (TIP).

A collaborative effort between former Soros counsel Rosa Brooks and Berggruen executive Nils Gilman, TIP littered the U.S. media with commentary about how Joe Biden should refuse to concede in the event of an apparent election night victory for President Donald Trump – which is precisely what happened…

…In effect, you had a leading, CCP-linked think-tanker working to solidify a Biden victory while threatening the life of a public intellectual. And the tweet – despite clearly breaching Twitter’s Terms of Service – remains up. Twitter CEO Dorsey served on Berggreun’s CCP-linked 21st Century Council, alongside Gilman.

This posturing raises legitimate concerns about the possibility of election tampering in 2020. Certainly, President Trump experienced intense pressure during his tenure in office to investigate Russia in connection with the 2016 national election. Should President Biden now conduct an inquiry into the claims made by the Communist Party in China? Will he do so? I highly doubt it. Biden isn't one to try and cause trouble with China because he is 100% in their back pocket. Biden is a puppet that is controlled by many strings and one of those holding a string is China.

National Pulse

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