Chicago Mayor Blames the Boogeyman for Crime Surge

I've personally never been to Chicago. I've never had the desire to go and I definitely don't have the desire now.

Chicago has become a literal battlefield with more casualties than some wars.

I know going to the city isn't exactly a death sentence, but honestly, who would want to go risk it given the way the city is with the current crime wave?

If you go, as long as you don't go to the bad parts, you'll likely be alright, but like I said, you won't catch me there.

I've known people who grew up in Chicago. One time, he told me about a guy that he used to run with who was a bad dude. This guy saw someone with a nice jacket so he went up to him with a gun and demanded his jacket. The man willingly turned it over...then the thug shot him anyway.

That's Chicago, and that was probably about 15 years ago. Things have only gotten worse since then, especially over the last two years with Lori Lightfoot in charge of the city.

But as liberals do, she is unwilling to accept any blame for the way it's going in Chicago. Instead, she has resorted to blaming the boogeyman still. The boogeyman, of course, being President Trump.

"It is incredibly gratifying to have a partner in the White House who understands the appropriate and unique role that the federal government has to play in public safety at the local level; for four years we were ignored, over and over again," Lightfoot said about Chicago's crime surge during her Friday evening briefing, which came after meeting with the Chicago City Council that was spurred by Newsmax questioning one week ago.

"I started raising these issues from the moment I became mayor. We needed more help from our federal partners."

Lightfoot, whose facts on Trump were false, praised President Joe Biden and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for assisting on "crime gun" seizures in the city, noting a dangerous July 4 weekend to come.

"This is a very challenging weekend, historically, going back decades," Lightfoot told reporters, suggesting the "six hours of questioning" in a City Council meeting was untimely and potentially taking away from crime fighting for the dangers of the weekend ahead.

"Every single day the men and women of our police department are under danger," she added. "We've seen an unprecedented level of people shooting at the police, last year and still this year. Yes, we've made progress this year. Not enough. No one can be satisfied until we see dramatic drops in homicides and in shootings."

I actually debunked this notion last week when she said that crime is actually down. You can read that here.

But like I said, as a liberal, she'll blame anyone and everyone but herself. President Trump tried to help, but as all extreme racist liberal politicians are, they rejected assistance and plunged their cities into hell on earth.


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