Chicago Mayor Blames Mayoral Loss on Bigots

As startling as it may seem to outsiders, Chicago voters apparently came to their collective senses. The Windy City was presented with a call to duty. Chicago’s murder and capital crime rates have skyrocketed. The majority of citizens, even those in surrounding suburbs, do not feel safe. Lori Lightfoot’s record as Chicago’s mayor has been beyond abysmal.

She has single-handedly orchestrated the catastrophic fall of one of America’s greatest big cities. This week, voters said enough. Lightfoot is the first Chicago mayor in 40 years to lose a reelection bid. Her job performance is obviously the reason why. Since Lightfoot became the 56th mayor of Chicago in 2019, murders in the city have increased steadily.

Shootings and homicides are just the tip of the iceberg. Recently, there were nine armed robberies in less than an hour in surrounding Chicago communities. Most experts felt like Lori Lightfoot was the worst of a long list of Democrat city leaders in the country. Many insisted she was the worst. Falling all the way to third place in the general election, the voters clearly agree.

Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas earned over one-third of the vote to finish first. Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson garnered just over 20 percent of the vote, nearly four full points ahead of Lightfoot. Johnson and Vallas will now move to a two-man runoff, with Vallas appearing to hold a sizable advantage to become Chicago’s next mayor.

So, did Lori Lightfoot accept defeat with dignity? She didn’t come close. Lightfoot didn’t even have enough integrity to apologize to her constituents for basically running their city into the ground. Lightfoot is not the first radical left politician to have voters give them their “walking papers.” Americans in Democrat-run cities are showing up at the polls.

People are gradually taking our country back, one vote at a time. Despite being told she was not even worthy of a top-two finish, Lightfoot claimed racism and gender bias were responsible for her downfall. Certainly, Chicagoans will be better off with “Dancing Lori” out of office. But there is a lot of work left to do. That work isn’t necessary to return law and order to Chicago alone.

Virtually every Democrat-run major city is beset by horrible spikes in crime. It’s time for Americans to speak, and speak loudly. The decision by Chicago voters needs to trigger a wave. These radical, soft on crime radicals need to go. Eventually, voters need to work their way up to the highest office in the land. America needs new leadership in the White House!

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