CAUGHT ON VIDEO! Alex Jones LITERALLY Stops Car After Children Were Crammed Into the Back

This is absolutely insane! I've never seen anything like this before.

Alex Jones is quite literally a hero. We may not know exactly to what extent he is a hero and what he may have saved them from, but the possibility of scenarios is horrifying to think about.

So say what you want about Alex Jones, but this man may have just saved the lives of a handful of children.

While documenting on the crisis at the border, Jones and his crew spotted some children being stuffed into the back of a car and the driver was getting ready to take them away somewhere.

Drew Hernandez, who is an investigative journalist who was with Jones tweeted,

MCALLEN TX: Upon my arrival to a Catholic Charity assisting migrants, (Catholic Charities RGV) I discovered one of their “staff” stuffing children into the back seat of a car without any seats, seatbelts or car seats. The man refused to identify himself. This has gone too far.

At that moment, Alex Jones immediately stepped in front of the vehicle to stop the man from getting away.


It's absolutely disgusting the way that liberals try and defend this sort of crap. Here are a few comments that I saw in response to his tweet:

"pearl clutching you should see how we drive around in honduras that was basically a limo ride for them"

"What's the issue? Seatbelt violation? (almost happened). Or driver failed to identify himself to a random guy with a camera?"

Have we already forgotten what has happened at least three times that I can recall since Biden has been in office? On at least three occasions there was a car accident in which many immigrants died from the crash.

WSVN reported,

An SUV packed with 25 people pulled in front of an oncoming tractor-trailer on a two-lane highway cutting through farmland near the U.S-Mexico border early Tuesday, killing 13 and leaving bodies strewn across the roadway. Most of the dead were Mexicans, a Mexican official said.

When police arrived, some of the passengers were trying to crawl out of the crumpled 1997 Ford Expedition while others were wandering around the fields. The rig’s front end was pushed into the SUV’s left side and two empty trailers were jackknifed behind it.

Twelve people were found dead when first responders reached the highway, which winds through fields in the agricultural southeastern corner of California about 125 miles (201 kilometers) east of San Diego. Another person died at a hospital, California Highway Patrol Chief Omar Watson said.

“It was a pretty chaotic scene,” said Watson, who also described it as “a very sad situation.”

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