#CancelCulture Has Canceled COPS After Three Decades

"COPS" a very popular documentary-style crime show that showed the chaotic daily lives of law enforcement officers. It was scheduled to premiere its 33rd season this month, but it came to a sudden end after it was canceled.

Due to the widespread riots and protests against racism and police brutality caused by the death of George Floyd while he was in the custody of a Minneapolis police officer the show was canceled. The office knelt of George Floyd's neck for close to nine minutes while he was handcuffed on the ground.

According to RedState

There’s a effort afoot to paint all police as evil no matter what, to call the very nature of policing bad. If you read the barricades with the screeds of what the radical leftists who seized several blocks in Seattle believe, basically there are no good or acceptable police under capitalism.

Now, most Americans know this as nonsense. But what folks who care about truth also need to fight back on is the lie that police want to kill black people. You literally have media lying that police are a leading cause of the death of young black men, when in fact that’s rare. But what isn’t rare is the killing of young black men and other black people by young black men. That’s who is most commonly murdered black people.

But because of the radical movement, to which Democrats and media seek to cater, they now are painting all things related to police as evil. It’s not a coincidence that many cops have already been attacked and killed now because of this. Police attacked across the country by radical leftists from firebombs in New York City to two cops assassinated by ambush in two separate incidents in California.

“Cops” would go on to run for more than 30 years, enticing loyal viewers with tense scenes of foot chases, high-speed car chases, prostitution busts, and drug-house raids. I for one love the long-running show and hate to see it go.

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