Cancel Culture Strikes Again...Softball Coach Forced to Apologize

Cancel Culture is a cancer on society. I must be eradicated entirely because it is making people and everyday matters exponentially worse.

To be honest, I think liberals are even getting tired of this garbage. The biggest problem which keeps enabling this though is social media. If we got rid of social media, much of this stuff would go away.

Just last week, a coach was forced to apologize for his softball team wearing sombreros on Cinco de Mayo.

The official account for the Hope College softball team posted a photo of 10 players at an “informal team gathering,” wherein five players were donning sombreros. According to the school, the post drew ire for its alleged cultural appropriation of Mexican culture. Students contacted the administration expressing outrage and demanding that the players be punished.


The apology read.

“By wearing the sombreros, we turned a culture into a costume, and by posting the image, we demonstrated a lack of awareness. That was wrong. I have reached out to the Center for Diversity and Inclusion leadership and our Athletics administration to take the next step forward and I’m committed to developing resources for our team … I am sorry it was at the expense of students and a culture that are [sic] often marginalized and misrepresented.”

I'd be willing to bet that the people who brought this to someone else's attention is someone who isn't even Mexican. It was probably some snowflake liberal white girls at the school who are "woke".

Look, here's the facts of the matter as simple as I can make them...

Nobody owns any particular culture. Nobody owns sombreros as a whole and has an absolute claim on sombreros as though no one else can use them. They can use them and they can use them for whatever they want. If you don't like what? You don't get to tell other people what kind of hats they can wear. If you're offended by someone wearing a what? Get a life and quit being a baby. Do they really have nothing better to do than to complain about a freaking hat? Give me a break!

Seriously though, if people are that soft that they're offended over something like this, they seriously need to go to counseling and get some help coping with the world.

Daily Wire

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