Cancel Culture Strikes Again, Guess Who They Canceled Now

It feels like I'm talking more and more about the Cancel Culture and their task of cleansing the United States of anything that they hate.

We've got to band together and stop letting them dictate what we get to read, what we get to watch, what we get to say, etc.

When will these liberals grow up and stop trying to be offended by everything?

Last week they canceled Dr. Seuss, before that they were canceling Mr. Potato Head, now they've canceled Pepe Le Pew. How long will this go on?

We all remember Pepe and how he would get the cat who ended up getting painted with a white streak to appear as though she was a skunk like Pepe. Pepe would then grab her and start hugging her and kissing her and talking sweetly to her while she squirms away.

Here's a conclusion that I've come to about a year or so ago. I think the end justifies the means. Well...that part I didn't come up with, but how that applies to television is what I came to a realization of.

If there is violence and crime, etc, that is immoral behavior right? and we shouldn't support that, and we don't. However, when the criminals are captured and justice is served, what kind of message is being conveyed? Crime doesn't pay. You get justice.

The same I think is true in the case of Mr. Le Pew. His actions are not the way you should approach a woman, and it shows what happens when you act this way. He gets hit with baseball bats.

I'm sure that if they had their way, they would just cancel everything that ever existed, because I mean it is all a result of white supremacy and racism, right? Then they would just create all new characters and I'm sure every one of them would either be gender neutral, homosexual, transgender, or something insane like that.

Next, they'll be trying to cancel Daffy Duck for making fun of A.D.D., Taz for his violent mood swings, Sylvester for his lisp, and who knows who else. I think they're already trying to cancel Speedy Gonzales for stereotyping Mexicans...even though he's a mouse.

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