Cancel Culture Now Labeling New Phrase As 'Serious Anti-Trans Slur'

The Cancel Culture has struck yet again! There is no time for liberals to sleep, they've got too much social justicing to do.

Their number one item on their agenda is forcing Americans to not only tolerate, but to fully support their radical ideas and perverse lifestyles.

Apparently, they think that referring to someone as a biological male is now an act of hate.

LGBTQ+ reporter for The 19th Kate Sosin tweeted,

"It's totally okay to have debate and disagree, but folks in media, the term "biological males" is a serious anti-trans slur. You should not use it without noting that."

Here is what I would say to that. It's not.

They know very well that it's not an anti-trans slur. It's a reality. There is a such thing as a biological male.

What does that phrase mean? Well, when we say biological, we mean something pertaining to our biology, that is to say, that it is something that has to do with our genetics. The word male, of course, refers to the sex that is ingrained in our DNA. So when we say "biological male" it means someone who was genetically born as a male.

But yes, let's debate on this and let's have discussion on what these things mean. The facts and the science will reign supreme. There is a reason why these debates never even take place on a high level and that's because there is no science to support their worldview that trans individuals are equally the gender that they claim to be.

The best thing that I've even come across is from Steven Crowder in a debate that he did on his show with Julie Rei Goldstein.

Chad Felix Greene from The Post Millennial said in response,

“If I can’t refer to a transwoman as a ‘biological male,’ then you’ve removed my ability to debate or disagree. By default you are requiring me to accept and vocally endorse your worldview.”

And he's exactly right.

Kimberly Ross tweeted,

"I have absolutely no problem with using the terms “trans woman” and “trans man” to describe those who identity as other then their biological sex. But THERE HAS TO BE a biological starting point from which to transition. And those truths are scientific, not slurs."

But probably the most straightforward and honest response - and I'll leave you with this - came from Kurt Schlichter:

"Biological males are real and biological females are real. Reality is not a slur. People want to call it a slur to keep you from citing it. Ignore them. Biology is real."


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