California's Plan to Feminize Men with Unusual and Harmful Treatment for Virus

Men in America are becoming less...manly. Don't blame this on negative outcomes from the patriarchy. No, it's not that.

There are a number of factors that play into this such as the liberal hogwash that people are fed, the foods and beverages that they consume, especially soy-based products which lead to increased estrogen.

This is something that has been an underlying motive behind some of the things that the liberals have been doing in response to the virus.

They have enacted tyrannical orders in order to seize more power. They have forces people into poverty while making sure that they can continue to live their luxurious lives (see Gavin Newsom).

But there is another item on the agenda as well that often gets unnoticed and that is the feminization of men. Weaker men are easier to control.

A recent trial study, carried out by a Los Angeles pulmonologist, is yet another in a long line of suspect measures.

Measures boasted as critical for treating a virus, which over 99 percent of those infected recover via their natural immune system. Like many of the self-proclaimed guidelines in the name of all-things science, this latest whim comes with little supporting evidence.

In fact, when dutifully considered with a full scope of information, it seems rather peculiar. Sara Ghandehari from the Cedars-Sinai Hospital sought the consensual services of 40 males who were hospitalized with COVID-19. A lucky half of this 40 Guinea pig group of men was injected with the female hormone progesterone.

Now, we're not insisting that any noble attempt to help battle the Wuhan-derived virus might not be a good thing. However, no one has bothered to consider the horrific potential side effects of injecting men with female hormones.

That little piece of information notwithstanding, the study also failed to mention that no consideration was given to confirmed contributory factors such as obesity or race. The idea that a wildly controversial trial generated in the liberal Mecca of California shouldn't come as a surprise.

The study was also an unblinded study. That means that everyone in the study already knew which group they were a part. Sure, the study was randomized, but a critical component of sound medical trials is a blinded control group to compare results.

In a sense, Ghandehari is advocating that men should just shoot up with female hormones because it might work. These are the same people that rail against the success of COVID-19 preventative treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine, zinc and good old-fashioned vitamin D.

There is an option to take a vaccine to provide immunity to COVID-19. There's also the infrequently discussed choice of allowing your own sturdy human immune system to battle and put up a defense against the virus.

Fitness and a healthy diet, supplemented with the right vitamins, is also an avenue that's proving successful. However, apparently in California, a man should inject female hormones. With all the alternatives available, other options make more sense.

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