California Releases 17,000 Inmates, New York To Release 300 - How Many States Will Follow?

During the pandemic that has caused the crazies to come out and clear shelves has resulted in more firearms and ammo to be bought. It's for home security due to not knowing what may come next in this time.

Well, now we have something else to consider. 17,000 inmates being released in California over a short time. That's 10% of the population in Los Angeles.

Reported from The Daily Mail:

Los Angeles County has released 1,700 inmates from its jails amid fears that coronavirus could run rampant behind bars. 

Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced the startling figures Tuesday, as several prisoners were pictured collecting their belongings and leaving one of the county's facilities. 

A number of the inmates looked delighted by their first taste of freedom, brandishing large smiles as they headed out into the wider world. 

Villanueva confirmed that all of the 1,700 inmates who have been granted early release were due to be set free in less than 30 days. 

He also clarified that they were all convicted of nonviolent misdemeanors, according to Los Angeles Daily News

The LA County prison system has around 17,000 inmates, meaning that 10% of its entire population has now been released.

More prisoners are set to be released in the coming days, but Villanueva says the rates will begin to slow. 

 'There won't be any big amount,' he stated, according to the LA Daily News.

'All the low-hanging fruit, we've already picked it.'

There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 inside any Los Angeles county jails, and officers have been making fewer arrests in the hopes of inadvertently introducing a new prisoner into the system who could be carrying the highly-contagious virus. 

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, has also ordered to release 300 inmates. How many other states will follow suit? Reasoning on the release of these prisoners has been brought to the attention because of a possible outbreak happening in the facilities.

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