California Prisons Just Got Worse Thanks to Liberals Latest Decision

The insanity surrounding the radical push to accept transgender as normal was already bewildering. Well, California just catapulted it into a new degree of craziness. Instead of soap on a rope for female prisoners, California prison administrations are dispersing condoms.

Yes, we immediately asked ourselves the curious question of why? Hang on for the's because prison officials want to prevent women from getting pregnant from transgender men housed with the female population.

No, we're not making this up. Yes, it is total insanity. One thought that immediately came to mind is why are they there to begin with? It flings open a door for sexual abuse. It's so obvious we were stunned it wasn't part of the decision. It wasn't.

California's leftist agenda pushed its way into the penal system. Now, women housed in California prisons must be on the guard against rape from transgender-man criminals doing time in the female ward. It begs repeating. This is total insanity.

In addition, just to keep the facts straight, sex is illegal in California prisons. But, prison officials are handing out free condoms. Talk about making rules and then providing evidence that the enforcement of said rules is probably not going to happen.

If the transgender discussion wasn't already wacky enough, leave to the ultimate poster child for radical liberalism to raise the stakes. With free condoms available on the California prison commissary order form, what next, satin sheets for inmates? I mean, this is California.

One inmate at CCWF told the Times that prison guards have warned them to expect sexual violence.

"That if we think it's bad now, be prepared for the worst. That it's going to be off the hook, it's going to be jumping," Tomiekia Johnson, 41, told the Times. “They say we're going to need a facility that's going to be like a maternity ward. They say we're going to have an inmate program where inmates become nannies."

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