California Police Catch Two Suspects in a Car Right out of a James Bond Movie

Recently, authorities apprehended what appear to be two “international men of mystery”. Understandably, California is the home to the stars. But what police discovered when they pulled over a pair of burglary suspects was right out of a Hollywood spy thriller.

Neither Yasmine Kambour nor Chris Huynh was arrested wearing an eye patch, but they quickly found themselves deep in “number two”. Authorities had been on the lookout for them. Kambour and Huynh were suspects in a string of Southern California vehicle burglaries.

Irvine Police got a tip that the two Garden Grove residents were spotted in a parking garage. What gave these two alleged criminals away was their car. The tipster recognized their 2008 Mercedes-Benz C300. But this wasn’t just any old Benz.

According to Irvine investigators, “The suspect vehicle was something out of a 007 movie.” There was a button for flipping between license plates. The car was also rigged with an “elaborate gas siphoning device.”

Besides the ability to flip license plate identification on the fly, the two suspected car robbers could fuel up their gas tank, “on the fly”. But the “goods” that will be used as evidence at trial are the cash and burglary tools discovered inside the car.

Thankfully, investigators did not find an escape hatch or ejection seats inside the Benz. Neither suspect wore a white frilly shirt with a blue Nehru jacket. Neither suspect reported “losing his mojo.” The suspects also didn’t appear to use a secret code name, Basil Exposition.

There wasn’t a Union Jack parachute, and the car didn’t appear to have the capability of turning into a mini-submarine. But this pair certainly appeared to be living the lifestyle of “international men of mystery”. As well, the police report does not mention any accomplices.

But as much as these two tried to copycat the 007 movie franchise, maybe Dr. Evil really is behind the whole scheme. There was another item not found in the investigator’s arrest report. Evidently, there is a dangerous, hairless cat at large. Said ferocious feline answers to the name “Mr. Bigglesworth”.

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