Buttigieg Upset with Plaintiff In SCOTUS Case

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Christian web designer Lorie Smith in a 6-3 decision, breaching Colorado state law that would have forced Smith into providing services to same-sex couples.

Many have praised the victory as a win for religious freedom, while others, such as Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, have criticized the decision.

In a contentious appearance on CNNsState of the Union, Buttigieg told host Dana Bash he believed the decision was wrong, claiming there wasno evidence that anyone had even approached Smith about creating a website for a same-sex wedding.

And, in that sense, I think theres something in common between this Supreme Court ruling and what were seeing happening in state legislatures across the country, which is kind of a solution looking for problem, in other words, sending these kinds of things to the courts and sending these kinds of things to state legislatures for the clear purpose of chipping away at the equality and the rights that have so recently been won in the LGBTQ+ community.

However, many people disagree with Buttigiegs take on the situation.

The Supreme Court ruling is a victory for religious liberty in America, says Dave Lively, executive director of Defend My Faith.The case of 303 Creative v. Elenis sends an important message that no one should be compelled to produce art that violates their conscience or religious beliefs.

Lively continued,We applaud the Supreme Court for recognizing the constitutional right to the free exercise of religion and protecting this creatives right to choose whether or not to accept particular jobs.

Those of other religious backgrounds have also expressed support for the decision, with the Catholic Leagues Bill Donohue noting that the rulingwas a breath of fresh air.

The decision applies nationally and serves as a reminder that religious liberty remains a bedrock principle of the United States and that individuals with deeply-held beliefs should not be coerced into tacitly endorsing practices they find morally objectionable.

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