Busted! Republican Congressman Slams Reporter When She Tries To Spin Fake News Live On The Air

Ol' Mark Meadows SLAMED an NBC reporter while on the air after catching said reporting attempting to spin some fake news at the our nations Capitol.

The Congressman approached Lieigh Ann Caldwell just as she stated that Republicans were "struggling" to defend President Trump... yup, that old chest nut. It's also as if they believe people still fall for the same b.s. tactics that they've been using since the time the T.V. was invented.

Meadows didn’t agree, turned around and said, “The Republicans are not struggling on anything.”

Caldwell asked some follow up questions Cortney O’Brien from Townhall reported:

Caldwell then took the opportunity to ask a few follow-up questions. She wanted to know, for instance, how Meadows and his Republican colleagues can continue to defend President Trump when "only one" witness so far in the impeachment inquiry has said there was no quid pro quo in his phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. Meadows corrected her to note there was more than one witness to reject the quid pro quo narrative, starting with former envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker. Interestingly, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) noted today, that's the one testimony the Democrats have been reluctant to release.

Meadows then went right to twitter to explain even more how Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony contradicted the Democrat narrative.

Meadow’s said, “Seeing many overblown (and outright false) reports about Ambassador Sondland's testimony. Here's what he actually said.

1. I did not (and still don't) know why aid was held up

2. I "PRESUMED" it was because of corruption

3. I told Yermak my assumption”

Caldwell still pressed asking if it was at least “getting harder” to defend Trump.

Meadows responded, “Actually as we hear more testimony - and the testimony that we're hearing today - it's actually getting easier to defend the president. From a standpoint, there is no linkage between aid."

You can watch below:


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