BUSTED! New Evidence Proves Brad Raffensperger and Attorney Knew About Ƒraud on Election Night!

The leadership in Georgia is a disaster. Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger are only the tip of the iceberg.

The corruption runs much deeper than just those two. What happened in November was nothing short of a legit conspiracy.

This will undoubtedly go down in history as a turning point in our country if we can save it.

President Trump even called and spoke with Brad Raffensberger and his attorney Ryan Jeremy about the irregularities that were found related to the election and the election results.

President Trump told Raffensperger about the incident that happened after everyone left and a select few Democrats were there to run ballots through the machines.

"But, um, we’re so far ahead. We’re so far ahead of these numbers, even the phony ballots of Ruby, known scammer. You know the Internet? You know what was trending on the Internet? “Where’s Ruby?” Because they thought she’d be in jail. “Where’s Ruby ?” It’s crazy, it’s crazy. That was. The minimum number is 18,000 for [name], but they think it’s probably about 56,000, but the minimum number is 18,000 on the [name] night where she ran back in there when everybody was gone and stuffed, she stuffed the ballot boxes. Let’s face it, Brad, I mean. They did it in slow motion replay magnified, right? She stuffed the ballot boxes. They were stuffed like nobody had ever seen them stuffed before."

Raffensperger then just blamed President Trump's legal team for manipulating video and lying to him about what happened.

"You’re talking about the State Farm video. And I think it’s extremely unfortunate that Rudy Giuliani or his people, they sliced and diced that video and took it out of context. The next day we brought in WSB-TV and we let them show, see the full run of tape and what you’ll see, the events that transpired are nowhere near what was projected by, you know —"

But just recently, we learned that they knew that something was wrong that very night and that they knew about it.

Carter Jones actually shared a picture from the room that night after everyone had been sent home to prove that they were still counting ballots after everyone had been sent home.

Ryan Germany had this photo that night and didn't do anything with it. He didn't order any sort of investigation. He literally didn't do anything with it at all.

This is going to come back to bite them in the end and I hope they all end up in jail for their roles in this scam.

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