Breonna Taylor’s Mom Calls Out Black Lives Matter, 'I'm So Sick of Y'all'

Black Lives Matter claims to be about justice for black people who are mistreated, abused, and oppressed by what they claim to be a racist and oppressive system.

But is that really the case?

Breonna Taylor’s mother angrily accused Black Lives Matter of hypocrisy and fraud amid revelations of lavish personal spending by BLM officers.

Tamika Palmer claimed that while BLM allegedly raised funds for the family of Breonna Taylor, she received no support.

In a Facebook post, Palmer called out BLM for ignoring the very people it claimed to help. She noted that most BLM and BLM Louisville members did not know who she was and would not recognize her. She attacked BLM for purporting to raise money on behalf of her daughter’s family without appearing to have interacted with the family or determined what support and assistance the family required.

Her comments came after reports that BLM executives, including self-proclaimed “trained Marxist” Patrisse Cullors, purchased several multi-million dollar homes. BLM finances remain murky. No one truly knows how the organization spends the millions it raises, and BLM has failed to provide transparency on the issue.

Here is what Breonna's mother said on Instagram (grammar errors are hers):

"I think it's crazy when people say they've been here since day 1, let me be clear Christopher 2x, The Montgomery family (Angie, Cheri, TiJuan and Craig) is the one and only day one's not to mention Breonna's friends and family but they've never needed Recognition immediately following is Until Freedom... I have never personally dealt with BLM Louisville and personally have found them to be fraud, Attica Scott another fraud, Then There's the people at injustice Square a.k.a. BREEWAYY who has been 100 and held it down but that doesn't go to say everyone down there but they know who they are & also never needed recognition...I could walk in a room full of people who claim to be here for Breonna's family who don't even know who I am, I've watched y'all raise money on behalf of Breonna's family who has never done a damn thing for us nor have we needed it or asked so Talk about fraud. It's amazing how many people have lost focus Smdh. I'm a say this before I go I'm so sick of some of y'all and I was last anybody who needs it I'm with this s**t enough is enough!!"

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