BREAKING! Whistleblower Has Evidence that COVID Was Manufactured at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

People quickly began speculating about the origin of the deadly coronavirus that had a death grip on the entire world.  The subsequent pandemic was swiftly attributed to nature by some scientists. They said that COVID-19, a virus that would eventually cause the deaths of millions, mutated from a bat to people.

But as soon as these so-called experts attributed the problem to nature, other scientists refuted their claims. Strangely, every expert who challenged the theory that the virus evolved from a bat to a human was deemed to be incorrect. They offered evidence, but it was disregarded.

Immediately after raising concerns about the natural origin of COVID-19, every scientist or medical practitioner who voiced their doubts was branded a conspiracy theorist and silenced. The scientific community started working furiously to erase any evidence of the virus's true cause.

Investigations were conducted to rule out the strong chance that this lethal virus originated from a facility in China. But why would the top figures in the scientific community feel the need to hide it if the virus unintentionally got out of a lab owing to human error?

Wouldn’t the world accept that, although devastating, the pandemic wasn’t purposefully released on society to kill people? As time has passed and more scientists insist the natural origin theory is impossible, this question becomes increasingly more suspicious.

There would be little reason to cover up the true origin of COVID-19, unless, of course, there was something more to the story. What if the leak wasn’t an accident? Certainly, those responsible for unleashing the deadliest health crisis in over a century would be culpable.

If there was evidence the pandemic was purposefully sparked, those responsible would face serious consequences. Life in prison would be too light of a punishment for such an evil act. Any person or persons associated with killing millions should be prosecuted as an example.

Most people would agree with swift and harsh consequences. So, these people, led by the notorious Dr. Anthony Fauci, had to suppress any evidence that the virus originated from a lab. If it could be proven to have come from the Wuhan lab, the scheme could be traced.

Recently, an EcoHealth whistleblower confirmed the first suspicion. The coronavirus that triggered the COVID-19 pandemic did not come from nature. It came out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. The evidence is overwhelming.

Dr. Andrew Huff worked for Dr. Peter Daszak, a British zoologist. Daszak is also considered an expert on disease ecology. But even more revealing is that Dr. Daszak is the president of the EcoHealth Alliance.

This is the agency through which Anthony Fauci funneled money to the Wuhan Lab for secret “gain-of-function” virus research. U.S. taxpayer dollars were being handed over to a lab overseen by the Chinese Communist Party to do research on making viruses more lethal.

This is where the dots connecting the cover-up begin to connect. Daszak and Fauci were the two leading deniers of the lab leak theory. Fauci helped orchestrate a community-wide denunciation of anyone who suggested otherwise. That was the root of the conspiracy.

But Dr. Huff has come forward. He says he knows the true origins and can prove them. Dr. Andrew Huff was the vice president of the EcoHealth Alliance. He is also an Army veteran. Huff reported directly to the EcoHealth Alliance president.

Dr. Huff has sent a report to Congress exposing the true origins of the virus. His evidence has been submitted under the penalty of perjury. In his early days with EcoHealth, Huff questioned some research protocols, especially the dangerous gain-of-function programs.

He was against this dangerous research. But he didn’t doubt the integrity of his superiors, namely Daszak. However, what happened over the next few years proved he should have. Now, Dr. Huff insists that “There is not one bit of evidence that this naturally emerged. None!”

But leaders in the world scientific community promised the world that the virus came from nature. They said it was an accident of nature, an act of God. No one was at fault. That’s not true. Then, when they could no longer cover up the truth, the leak was supposedly an accident.

The lab leak theory is now clearly the truth. However, it’s now suspiciously more obvious that it may not have been an accident. Frightfully, it becomes clearer and clearer that the COVID-19 pandemic was unleashed on purpose. This clearly explains all the efforts to conceal the truth.

Is it too late to hold these evil people accountable? It may be. For certain, most of the evidence has been buried. Will a guilty conscience finally come forward, exposing the real truth? These people are truly evil. There has never been such an evil unleashed on mankind.

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