BREAKING: Voting Machines CONFIRMED to Alter Ballot Count! (VIDEO)

Let me just give you a heads're not going to believe what you're about to see.

As a computer nerd it totally makes sense to me how they can pull off something like this. But the fact that they have the cojones to do it is just shocking.

Observers of the audit in Windham, NH have already noticed some suspicious, and possibly criminal, activity.

For starters, they noticed that the machines under review were being backdated by auditors. It's not very surprising, given that 2/3 of the auditors had close, provable ties to both Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

Now, there's no saying that simply backdating votes was all that happened, given the machines used were easy to hack and be used to change the votes cast, all virtually undetected - as proven back in 2005.

Populist Press reported,

The forensic audit in Windham, New Hampshire is over, but the momentum to keep it alive is just getting started. Late Thursday, Marilyn Todd of NH Voter Integrity Group made some bombshell discoveries.

Last Friday, when the machine reports were being printed at the audit, Todd, who has kept a close watch on Hursti, took pictures of them. Late Thursday, she had the report pictures up on her computer when something earth-shattering caught her eye. She spoke about it Thursday evening in a live video with Nick Moseder, CannCon, Susan Dee Settenbrino, and Professor David Clements.

Thankfully, as the forensic audit came to a close, Marilyn Todd noticed some very odd discrepancies. In the report, lines 30 - 43 had some suspicious activity.

Line 30 puts the start date at 05/12/21. The next line says that the machine was put into 'Supervise Mode' before the memory card is reset. Line 34 says again that the start date is 05/12/21. The next 3 lines are what really set off red flags. 35 is set to 'prep for election', 36 'clear results', and finally 'Session Start date, 11/03/2020'. Another line (43) is amended to a start date of November 5.

While many are screaming on the left that it's impossible to reset the votes, we now have proof that they absolutely can and have been doing that.

Let's pray that this ends with more investigations into election and voter fraud.

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