BREAKING: USMC Veteran Subjected To The Red Flag Law By Mistake (VIDEO)

An innocent man, one of which is a USMC Veteran, received a certified letter at his door that stated he was to give his guns up. It stated that he threatened an elderly couple.

He was shocked and confused. This never happened. He didn't even match the man in question.

So this is an issue with the Red Flag Law. He's not the only one this has happened to either which is terrifying.

More from Fox 13:

"He’s 110 pounds. I’m 200. He has brown eyes. I have hazel. He has black hair. I have no hair,” Jon said, comparing himself to the other Jon Carpenter, who became the target of a risk protection order to remove any weapons he may possess.

But the veteran, fisherman, 200-pound Jon Carpenter was sent a certified letter from the state, suspending his firearms license. 

“I was just dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to do. I called the state and they basically said, 'There's an injunction against you,'” Carpenter explained.

He also received a notice that he had been reported to DCF for elder abuse and a state order to surrender any firearms. 

"The state basically said, If it’s not you, go to the courthouse. They’ll give you a letter and they’ll get you reinstated,” said Carpenter. 

"Then, he finally comes out, and he's like you basically have to go to court on the 27th, in two weeks. So I said, 'I'm guilty until I prove myself innocent? That’s why I'm here, trying to show its not me.' And he’s like, 'Since you‘re here, you’ve been served. Here’s your restraining order,'” 

"They said they process it in the order it was received and it takes 6-8 weeks. I was like, 'So you can suspend it in one day, instantly, but for somebody else’s mistake, I’ve got to wait 6-8 weeks?'” Jon Carpenter says.

His case has sense somewhat resolved. He is still awaiting confirmation by mail but his CCW was reinstated and he's been cleared from the Sheriff's Department.

It's just a shame he had to go out of pocket to deal with this mess.

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