BREAKING: Trump Hating Couple Attempt To Kill Young Teens And Get Owned!

A Trump-hating couple from Indiana has been picked up by police after allegedly running two boys on their bikes off the road. Their justification for the act was because the boys had Trump flags waving from their bicycles.

They were caught because they posted Snapchat videos recording the incident.

More from The Conservative Fighters:

The Hobart Police Department said it brought charges against the couple — Kyren Gregory Perry-Jones and Cailyn Marie Smith — in connection to July 22 incident following a review videos shared via Snapchat. In a statement, Police Capt. James Gonzales said Perry-Jones and Smith ran the boys off the road and subsequently made threats against them.

According to police, the couple shouted things like, “Y’all scared, just like your president … America is not great,” in the videos. The Northwest Indiana Times also reports that they drove through multiple yards yelling,  “pull that flag down,” and “y’all best get home.”

Perry-Jones allegedly threatened to beat the boys up for calling 911, court records state.

In the video, Perry-Jones also said that if police questioned him about it, he would just say the boys called him a racial slur.

During the encounter, Perry-Jones allegedly drove his car through several yards, chasing them.

One of the boys told detectives Smith snatched their flag while filming the video, so they chased after the car. Only after the boys threatened to call police did the couple drop the flag and intentionally run it over with their vehicle before fleeing the area, records state.

Both Perry-Jones and Smith have been charged with two felony counts of intimidation and criminal recklessness. They were also charged with one count each of theft and criminal mischief, both of which are misdemeanors, the Times reported.

However, they were just recently charged Thursday because detectives had to work with Snapchat to retrieve the videos.

This is totally a hate crime but will it be reported by CNN? Doubtful because the two boys were Trump supporters.

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