BREAKING: Top Biden Cabinet Member Hit With Impeachment

The American people have always had a love-hate relationship with their federal government. Too often, our elected officials bring their problems upon themselves. They either fail to make good decisions or make choices that defy the needs and desires of those who elected them. In American democracy, there is a remedy. We vote them out of office.

However, many government officials are not elected. The individuals we elect appoint them. Using a sports comparison, we elect the coach who picks his or her players. As well, like a poorly performing sports team, the ultimate responsibility for the team’s failure lands on the desk of the head coach.

Using this analogy, elected government officials should be, in some part, responsible for the failures of their “players.” It’s the responsibility of voters to fire the coach. But what do we do about a coach who isn’t up for “rehiring or firing?” That’s the job of Congress.

If we draw on this analogy and compare Joe Biden’s appointments as cabinet officials as his “team of players,” this team is an abysmal disappointment. If Joe Biden’s administration were a professional sports team, many fans would walk around with brown paper bags over their heads. This administration is a big time “loser,” pushing to become the worst of all time!

Biden’s choice to oversee America’s roads, bridges, and general infrastructure has proven to be a bungling idiot. If Pete Buttigieg were a baseball player, he'd have a batting average of .000. Buttigieg has struck out every single time he’s stepped into the batter’s box. Even the residents of Mayor Pete’s old town warned America about his ineptitude.

Biden’s pick for Secretary of State is as bad as or worse than Buttigieg. However, Antony Blinken makes calls that jeopardize the national security of the United States. Blinken’s blundering manner has the world on edge, facing the real possibility of a global nuclear conflict. If Antony Blinken were a basketball player, he’d have missed every shot he’s ever taken.

But maybe the worst example of “letting the team down” is Biden’s pick to head the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The key point to take from the name of this department is “Homeland Security.” The individual who fails at this job creates a less secure, more dangerous United States. Every single citizen is at risk when this person does a bad job.

A “bad job” would be an understatement. If Alejandro Mayorkas were a football quarterback, he’d have tossed a half-dozen interceptions and made three fumbles in the first half. In exactly one-half of Biden’s term in the White House, the DHS secretary has allowed millions of illegal migrants to spew across the U.S. southern border.

However, for Mayorkas' failures, Joe Biden is the one calling the plays. If Mayorkas were a quarterback, he’d have been yanked a long time ago. But Biden won’t even consider replacing his choice to head the DHS. Why would a “coach” continue to put a player in the game who’s failing repeatedly? Could it be because he wants him to fail?

To connect the sports comparison to U.S. politics, there’s still a way for the American people to force their coach to make a player change. It’s the job of the “other players” we elect, the U.S. Congress. When Congress sees a “player” who’s failing the “team,” Congress can override the coach and bench the player - permanently. It’s called impeachment.

That’s where we are with Alejandro Mayorkas. The DHS Secretary is now facing impeachment articles for “abandonment of the border.” Congress has seen enough of this player’s performance. They believe it’s time to force the coach to find a suitable replacement. But if Biden was going to yank Mayorkas and replace him, he’d have already done it.

This isn’t about a bad player making bad in-game decisions. Sure, if Mayorkas were a sports player, he’d be “riding the pine.” However, the trouble at the U.S. border is about more than a DHS secretary. This is about a horrible coach and his destructive strategy. The U.S. border crisis is about Joe Biden. We can bench the quarterback, but a bad coach will still produce a bad team. It’s time we fire the coach!

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