BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh's Replacement Has Been Confirmed!

Just a few months ago, we learned of the passing of Rush Limbaugh.

Rush was arguable the greatest radio talk show host in history. No one has done more for the radio world than Rush.

As sad as it is, we all knew that it was coming eventually after learning of his cancer diagnosis.

The question that we've all been wondering though is who would replace the great Rush after his passing.

Now, listeners of the late Rush Limbaugh's radio talk show finally have the information they've been waiting for as an announcement on the successors to the conservative host has been made.

The subject of his replacement has caused a great deal of confusion, resulting in Dan Bongino dedicating an episode of his podcast to the topic.

ALL ACCESS has confirmed that PREMIERE NETWORKS is pairing evening host BUCK SEXTON and FOX SPORTS RADIO morning host CLAY TRAVIS as the replacement show for "THE RUSH LIMBAUGH SHOW." "THE CLAY TRAVIS & BUCK SEXTON SHOW" will air noon-3p (ET) weekdays beginning JUNE 21st.

“I could not be more thrilled -- and am deeply humbled -- by the opportunity to host this new program with Clay Travis,” said Sexton. “We think it’s important to carry on the tradition of Rush Limbaugh and bring truth to the masses. One thing I can promise all EIB listeners out there: we’re with them and we will always fight for them with the show Clay, and I do every day.”

“I’ve loved spending the past six years building ‘OUTKICK THE COVERAGE’ into one of the most-listened-to sports talk shows in the country, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to join Buck Sexton as we launch this new program in the most coveted timeslot in the talk format,” said Travis in a release to affiliates. “While no one will ever replace Rush Limbaugh, Buck and I are excited to continue advancing the causes he held dear, most importantly American exceptionalism, a fervent embrace of capitalism, and a belief in a robust marketplace of ideas. At a time of rabid cancel culture and toxic identity politics, we will be the voice for many who feel scared to say what they think for fear of the censorious online mob. We can’t wait to get started.”

But that's that the end of it. The answer isn't just as simple as that. It seems that many viewers were confused because they didn't understand that radio syndicators' affiliate stations around the U.S. can choose to replace Limbaugh with different shows.

The Westwood One group opted to put Dan Bongino in the time slot. Radio America chose Dana Loesch, and Compass Media Network went with Markley, Van Camp and Robbins. Erick Erickson will represent the Cox Media Group on Atlanta's WSB.

Listeners still lament the loss of Rush Limbaugh to lung cancer complications in February. Hosts replacing the iconic conservative personality have expressed humility at the idea of filling Limbaugh's shoes.

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