BREAKING: Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor Mack Miller Assaulted by Security and Dragged from Clark County Commissioner’s Meeting (VIDEO)

Nevada really screwed up this time. They did something that they're going to wish never happened and I'm sure they may even lose their jobs for it.

Nevada Republican Lt. Governor candidate Mack Miller was assaulted by security the other day during a Clark County Commissioners Meeting.

He was pushed, talked down to, and eventually violently dragged out of the room, down the hall, and thrown to the floor.

Footage shows Mack Miller being forcibly removed by two security guards from a meeting of the Clark County Commission in Las Vegas, where misinformation about the virus was declared a public health crisis.

Multiple videos shared on social media show the security officers ejecting Miller and bringing him through a metal detector that shakes and then almost falls to the ground as a result of the struggle.

One video posted to YouTube and apparently filmed by Miller himself inside the commission chambers showed him telling security guards not to shove him, before later claiming they had done just that.

During raucous scenes where several people were speaking loudly or shouting, Miller told the guards "now don't get rough" while speaking to the camera about the meeting being shut down and people being made to leave.

Here are the videos, but I'll give you a warning that there is some strong language in these videos.

Needless to say, it was way out of control and they should not have acted in such a violent manner.

Here's my guess though. I'll bet you that the mainstream media doesn't even touch this because it's a Republican black man. If he were a Democrat, the news outlets would be all over this story, but because he is a Republican, they won't give him the time of day. We're living in sad times today.


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