BREAKING REPORT Reveals Top GOP Member Is Part of Plot to Redirect Americans from Getting Info They Want

There are still far too many RINOs in Congress. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is one of those RINOs.

If you're not convinced of this already, give read through the rest of this article and you should be convinced by the end.

McCarthy acts and talks big sometimes and tries to keep face by associating with President Trump, but at heart, he's just another Lindsey Graham or Liz Cheney.

These people are career politicians, they are known for their lies and deception.

Recently, a report emerged that seemingly links McCarthy to a group that is responsible for directing people to content that does not reflect what the Republican party stands for. I know that basically sounds like Facebook or Twitter, but I'm referring to a group called the Gen Next Foundation.


GNF worked with Moonshot CVE, a group that was responsible for the Google redirect campaign that sent searchers to radical left-wing content.

As examples, it listed the search phrases "George Floyd deserved to die," "Jews will not replace us" and "the truth about black lives matter."

For "the truth about black lives matter," the group said: "This search suggests that the BLM movement has nefarious motives, and is a disinformation narrative perpetuated by White supremacist groups to weaponize anti-BLM sentiment."

It adds: "While the search phrase appears innocuous, several books include it in their title and allege that the BLM movement is ‘joined with Antifa burning and looting.’ These sources echo White supremacist disinformation narratives alleging that BLM protesters are trying to ‘overthrow the republic’ and 'harm American citizens in a Marxist coup,' as a means of delegitimizing it. Multiple videos on YouTube also promote these narratives – in particular the criminalization of BLM – using the identical phrase."

According to The Drilldown,

In an effort to root out extremism and supremacism within the U.S. military, U.K.-based Moonshot CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) is monitoring web searches on military bases, flagging certain phrases deemed to be potential red flags associated with White supremacy.

This is concerning for two reasons.

First, the Biden administration is already in hot water for hopping into bed with Big Tech, monitoring social media, and deciding which types of content should be censored. Second, Moonshot CVE is only looking for one specific kind of extremism: “White supremacy.”

In their June report, Moonshot CVE revealed “1,600 indicators of interest in or engagement with White supremacism, focused specifically on anti-Black and anti-Semitic narratives being used by extremist groups.” Search phrases flagged include “George Floyd deserved to die,” “Jews will not replace us” and “the truth about black lives matter.”

According to Fox News, Moonshot CVE has ties back to the Obama Foundation. So then we must ask the Kevin McCarthy tied to the Obama Foundation as well?

Photo Credit: Medill DC

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