BREAKING REPORT: Over 7,700 Ballots Missing Tabulation Record In Single County in Georgia

The fight for the truth in Georgia regarding the November election is far from over. Every day it seems, we are learning something new.

Not only is there a fight for the truth of the election results and what happened on that night, but there is an ongoing battle for election integrity as well.

There were some new problems just recently discovered in Georgia revealing thousands of ballots missing chain of custody documents.

We already know about the hundreds of thousands of ballots missing chain of custody, the conservative news site broke a story recently about a batch of 7700 ballots with the same problem.

"Inconsistencies" have run rampant in the Arizona audit and in investigations in multiple other states. In Georgia, it's likely that the plethora of questionable ballots are for Joe Biden.

In Cobb County alone, election integrity activist found that nearly 169,000 ballots had no chain of custody. In that county, the elections director has still not produced the tabulation tapes and memory cards that act as the legal record of actual votes. In fact, the director overwrote the memory cards. Nothing fishy here...

Georgia elections activist Kandiss Taylor reported,

These tapes, along with the memory cards, are used in the process to certify an election at the county level and how the Secretary of State certifies, which leads to the Governor’s formal certification of the election. However, the Cobb County Elections Director has failed to supply the missing tabulation tapes from two advanced voting precincts that support the election certification results to the auditing team. Because this Election Director has already overwritten the memory cards, the missing tabulation tapes cannot be recreated. Therefore, there are 7,705 votes missing.


The previous finding of the missing chain of custody of 168,922 ballots and missing tabulation tapes for 7,705 ballots shows that proper election procedure is not being followed in counties such as Cobb County.

The missing vote count was supposed to have been retrieved from the server by a Dominion representative, but, unsurprisingly, the information pulled was deemed insufficient. The news site said that this missing piece alone should have prevented the certification of the election there.

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