BREAKING REPORT: DNA Does Not Match Brian Laundrie's

The authorities may have found Brian Laundrie's body, but this investigation is far from over.

Just when you think things are ready to die down, they take an unexpected twist, at least, that's what some are saying.

Over the weekend it was reported that Nancy Grace and another correspondent on the show said that there was no DNA match nor was a cause of death able to be determined in the death of Brian Laundrie.

But wait a minute? Didn't they find his remains? Well, yeah, sort of. They didn't actually find all of his remains. Apparently, they only found a portion of a jaw bone and they identified him by some of the teeth that was in that jaw bone.

The autopsy has come back inconclusive as far as an actual cause of death. Reports suggest that Laundrie may have been submerged underwater for as much as five weeks before these remains were found. There were no weapons found nearby, but his backpack was nearby.

It's really going to be difficult to nail down a cause of death, if they're ever able to find one. In all reality, he may have been eaten by an alligator. Or, maybe the remains that were found were not Laundrie's at all.

There have been several reports of Brian Laundrie during this hunt, but if he were submerged for five weeks, then either those remains are not his, or those reports of sightings were not those of Laundrie.

Honestly, it really wouldn't surprise me if he is still alive and this was a set up. Perhaps he pulled some teeth and planted them inside this jaw bone of some other death body. Maybe they had been dead for a while or maybe he killed that person in order to try and make is seem as though that were him.

I just don't think this case is closed just yet.


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