Breaking Poll: Shocking Results Show Who Would Win If Election Were Held Today

Political pundits like to talk about how “elections have consequences.” What they’re referring to are legislative consequences or other official types of legislative measures like appointments. But most never envision the types of consequences that the 2020 election triggered.

These consequences may well turn catastrophic when elections are stolen from the person who should be the rightful President of the United States. After Joe Biden and the crooked Democrat Party stole the 2020 presidential election, the consequences have not stopped.

The first thing that triggered things in America to spiral out of control was Joe Biden’s beholden sense of commitment to the radical left in the Democrat Party. These far-left ideologues control Joe Biden. They are running Washington, D.C.

The far-left progressive wing of the Democrat Party is bent on transforming America into a socialist twin of Communist China. They had to have a scapegoat to make their plan work. Joe Biden is that scapegoat. He can’t even complete a conversation without bungling something.

Joe Biden has been a complete disaster. Biden’s policies have opened the southern border. The catastrophe unfolding is on purpose. The far-left believes in open borders on a global scale. Open borders do not affect their protected, elitist communities. Everyone else suffers.

Americans are suffering because of Joe Biden’s open border policy. Biden also flipped America’s energy independence upside down. From being a self-reliant global leader in energy production, America is now begging adversarial nations to fuel our needs.

The energy policies of the Biden administration have made America vulnerable to foreign influence. His decisions have also triggered a historic spike in gasoline prices for Americans. Furthermore, Biden’s radical fiscal policies have caused skyrocketing inflation.

Americans are not only paying more for gas than at any point in U.S. history; they are paying more for virtually everything they buy. Groceries cost more. Homes cost more. Cars, and other essential family needs, cost more, much more.

Inflation is carving away at middle class Americans. The liberal left is doing it on purpose. If they can erase this class of people, there will be the rich elite and the impoverished. Power-hungry liberals believe that the poverty-stricken masses will kowtow to big government’s iron rule.

But a new survey of voters should give Americans hope. In a recent poll by Rasmussen, President Trump would overwhelm Joe Biden. The margin of victory was estimated to be over double digits. It’s a referendum against liberalism as it is Joe Biden.

A key factor in many of the viewpoints was the fact that they do not want Biden to run again. An increasing number of Americans do not think Joe Biden is worthy of another term. He isn’t even halfway through his first term. Things are going to get worse before they get better.

This sheds light on how pitiful Joe Biden has been. A staggering 61 percent of voters do not believe Biden should run again. The 28 percent, who think he should, must be living in an alternate universe. While a little closer, Ron DeSantis still beats Joe Biden by double digits.

So, what’s happened to Mr. Popular, the fellow who said he would unite the country? Joe Biden and the progressive left have divided the nation more so than at any point in modern history. What is happening? Americans are witnessing this radical progressive movement firsthand.

They dislike it, and they do not want it to continue. We’ve had enough. Two years before the 2024 presidential election, voters are going to voice their disapproval. If Republicans can stay on message, they will overwhelm Democrats in the 2022 midterms.

This will put a temporary plug in the sinking ship that Joe Biden has created. By 2024, Americans will be primed for a chance to save our country from these appallingly self-absorbed ideologues. The Democrats made Joe Biden the face of the party. It was a bad decision.

No matter who they chose, eventually their radical ideas were going to be exposed. They have. Biden is going to be the fall guy for a failed political transformation. Rest assured, they will try to cheat. The cheating attempts will begin with the 2022 midterms. However, they will fail.

Democrats have likewise attempted to create a smokescreen by leaking a sensitive Supreme Court decision. They have no conscience. They will do anything to maintain power. However, Americans are on to them. It’s time we slammed the door on progressive liberalism, once and for all.

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