BREAKING: Personal White House Valet Test's Positive For The Coronavirus

One of Trump's personal valets has been tested positive for the Coronavirus after showing symptoms on Wednesday.

This is Trump's second brush with the virus, however, he and Pence have been tested negative for the virus.

The news truly upset President Trump.

According to The Daily Mail:

The navy stewards are part of a military unit that provide a variety of services for the West Wing, including catering and valet services. 

The valet who tested positive is not being identified and it's unclear what this person's exact duties involved.

But many military aides assigned to the White House detail help out with special events, including greeting officials and other ceremonial roles. 

Enlisted service men - as part of their valet duties - serve food and beverages to the president (Trump favors diet coke). They also will travel with him and bring a go bag that contains all the necessary items for a trip, such as favorite snacks. Trump's bag would likely include hand sanitizer given his preference for using it.  

The valet is the second know staffer to test positive in the vast White House complex, which includes the West Wing offices where the president works, the Old Executive Office building where many aides are located, the East Wing offices of the first lady, and the Executive Mansion where the first family lives. A staffer in Pence's office tested positive in March. 

The first lady, Melania has been close to the infected Navy official but she runs a strict safe distancing in her quarters and requires masks to be worn.

'She has implemented very strong rules in both the residence and the East Wing,' Stephanie Grisham, the first lady's chief of staff.

'Staff was cut back in the residence, and East Wing staff are teleworking unless vital to come in for meetings or events. Masks are worn and social distancing has been strictly enforced,' she noted.

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