BREAKING: Pelosi Hasn't Stopped Yet, She's Determined to Get Trump Removed

Nancy Pelosi is still out to get President Trump. She is hell-bent on getting him out of the office! So here's her last (maybe) motive to get him out of the White House.

She's saying to get him removed is to make sure she gets him defeated in the 2020 elections coming up by making sure the votes are so much against him he cant challenge the legitimacy of the Democratic Victory. Pelosi goes on, “Own the center left, own the mainstream, Our passions were for health care, bigger paychecks, cleaner government — a simple message, We did not engage in some of the other exuberances that exist in our party."

From The New York Times:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not believe President Trump can be removed through impeachment — the only way to do it, she said this week, is to defeat him in 2020 by a margin so “big” he cannot challenge the legitimacy of a Democratic victory.

That is something she worries about.

“We have to inoculate against that, we have to be prepared for that,” Ms. Pelosi said during an interview at the Capitol on Wednesday as she discussed her concern that Mr. Trump would not give up power voluntarily if he lost re-election by a slim margin next year.

Sitting in her office with its panoramic view of the National Mall, Ms. Pelosi — the de facto head of the Democratic Party until a presidential nominee is selected in 2020 — offered Democrats her “coldblooded” plan for decisively ridding themselves of Mr. Trump: Do not get dragged into a protracted impeachment bid that will ultimately get crushed in the Republican-controlled Senate, and do not risk alienating the moderate voters who flocked to the party in 2018 by drifting too far to the left.

From the horse's mouth (Pelosi) “If we win by four seats, by a thousand votes each, he’s not going to respect the election, He would poison the public mind. He would challenge each of the races; he would say you can’t seat these people, We had to win. Imagine if we hadn’t won — oh, don’t even imagine. So, as we go forward, we have to have the same approach.” 

She's not going to stop anytime soon. I wonder what else she will stir up.


Photo by Pixabay

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