BREAKING NEWS: Devices Hidden Inside Dominion Machines Allowing them Internet Connection - Chain of Custody is Destroyed!

Running a fair and secure election is something that is nothing to sneeze at.

There is a lot that goes into doing something like running a secure election, but that doesn't mean that it's too difficult to do.

One of the most important elements is the chain of custody.

Maintaining the chain of custody is critical. Without this, there is no guarantee of legitimacy in any election.

Even months after the 2020 presidential election, questions still linger about the legitimacy of the vote count. The investigations continue, and the new information coming out of these investigations is troubling.

The voting machines that were used in Michigan, Georgia, and other states are currently part of the investigation. The machines were made by Dominion, a distributor of voting systems.

Upon inspection of the machines, cellular modems were discovered in some of them. The reason that this is so bad is because when these are found to exist within the machines, voting machines are very susceptible to hacking and tampering.

The modems are capable of communicating with a central reporting server where the data can be accessed by one or more outside sources. This is concerning because it jeopardizes the chain of custody.

Many experts believe that the presence of these modems that connect to the internet could pose concerns about a potential vulnerability of the machines.

So how do we know that they weren't tampered with? We don't. That's why, in my opinion, a full forensic audit needs to be conducted to ensure that there wasn't any tampering.

The Democrats will probably try and say that there's no evidence that anything did happen. Well, duh. But there is reasonable suspicion. The evidence comes after the audit of the machine. Until there, there is reasonable suspicion because there is no way mathematically and statistically that Joe Biden would have been able to beat out President Trump given the massive lead that he had in these key states that he supposedly lost.

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