BREAKING: New Video Footage of Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting Released (VIDEO)

The trial for Kyle Rittenhouse began on Tuesday and we've already learned quite a few interesting things already.

This case is going to be huge for not only Rittenhouse, but for the entire country as well.

Rittenhouse was in Kenosha, Wisconsin on the night of one of the biggest riots of last year when he ended up shooting three people who were trying to attack him. As a result, two of those people died. The whole act was purely in self-defense and all of the video evidence has suggested that this is truly the case.

On Tuesday, as the trial began, we learned of new video which was released of that night. The video consists of never before seen video footage of Rittenhouse looking to help other people and others trying to assault him.

While Rittenhouse is running around asking people if they needed any medical attention, you can hear some people say, "Let's get him!" and "you won't do sh*t motherf---er". This is all while Rittenhouse is simply asking people if they need medical attention and even shouted back, "Friendly. Friendly. Friendly."

Take a look at the new video:

This is video that was compiled by the FBI and has been kept secret until now? The question that I, as well as others have is, why? Why was all of this kept hidden until now? Was it in order to allow the mainstream media to continue to slander Rittenhouse for defending himself?

The biggest reason why this is such a huge case is because if this act isn't decided to be an act of self-defense, then seriously what is an act of self-defense?

Now, I don't know if he violated any other laws for being out there with a weapon. I know sometimes having a firearm during a demonstration is illegal, but this was not a legal demonstration, hence why we call it a riot.

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